Daokou roast whole chicken

Daokou Roast Chicken is one of the famous traditional dishes. It is made by the “Yixing Zhang” Shijia Roast Chicken Shop in Daokou Town, Hua County, Henan Province. It is a famous specialty in China. Daokou Roast Chicken is the same as Fuji Jiji Chicken, Beijing Roast Duck and Jinhua Ham.
A variety of expensive Chinese medicine, supplemented by old-age soup, the finished chicken is brightly colored, shaped like ingot, and the mouth is Ruiqi. Very therapeutic and health care features. Founded in the 18th year of Shunzhi in the Qing Dynasty (1661), it has a history of more than 300 years, and it has been made unlawful. The business is not prosperous. After that, it was made from the royal chef of the Imperial Palace in the Qing Dynasty. The chicken is very sweet. The production skills of Daokou Roast Chicken have been passed down from generation to generation to form their own unique style. In 1981, it was rated as a national premium product by the Ministry of Commerce. Daokou Town, Hua County, Yubei, is known as the "hometown of roast chicken". "Yi Xing Zhang"'s Daokou Roast Chicken, like Jinhua Ham, Gaoyou Duck Egg, Beijing Roast Duck, is the leader in the national food, and is famous in China and famous overseas.