Xinjiang Lamb fried noodles

Fried noodles, because of its name with the pot. The fried noodles in Xinjiang are also an independent big family. Xinjiang fried noodles occupy a pivotal position in Xinjiang's noodle snacks. Some people say that it can be promoted as the top snack in Xinjiang. In any small and medium-sized restaurant in Xinjiang, you can find the name of Xinjiang fried noodles.
From the scientific diet concept, this snack is a combination of food and food, mainly based on noodles, supplemented by meat dishes, which is in line with the diet of northern Chinese, and also meets the basic dietary nutrition structure of Chinese people.
The fried noodles of the finished product, the slices are formed, the red oil is bright and juice, and the appetite is attracted.
When you taste the fried noodles, you don't usually have any dishes. You can eat them with a small spoon, and a cup of tea is enough. There are also many changes in the variety of fried noodles. Generally, the shape of the noodles changes and the accessories are changed. The frying method basically does not change. The varieties of fried noodles in Xinjiang include: fried noodles, fried diced noodles, fried cat ears, fried noodles, mutton fried noodles, fried noodles with chicken, fried noodles with beef, stir-fried noodles and so on.